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Removing the educational backwardness by providing accessibility of higher education to the rural mass of this remote area, giving a standing to the social needs and relevant assistance to the people of the northern belt of Baksa District.

                  College Library
The college has provided a library for the benefit of both the students and teaching and non-teaching staff taking the scholastic environment at the front.
The college library facilitated with the well-furnished and spacious reading room has more than 10,000(ten thousand books) along with daily newspapers, journals, magazines etc. and remains open during the working hours.

                                                                  Library Rules:
1. It is an obligation for the students to produce identity cards and library cards while entering the reading room.
2. Reader must possess Library Cards of Rs.5/- only each.
3. Books are issued to students for a period of fifteen (15) days. They may be re-issued for another fifteen days.
4. An overdue charge of Rs. 1.00 only per day is levied if a book on loan is kept beyond the due date of return.
5. Books on loan with members may be recalled at any time without assigning any reason thereof.
6. Reference books marked restricted and bound volumes of periodicals and question papers are not issued on loan.
7. Issue hours:
    11 A.M. to 12 P.M. (on all week days except Saturday).
    Saturday - 11A.M. to 1 P.M.
8. Numbers of cards issued:
    T.D.C. classes (General) : 2 each
    T.D.C. classes (Major) : 4 each
9. Reading materials:
   (a) Text Books;
   (b) Reference Books;
   (c) Periodicals;
   (d) Newspapers;
   (e) Maps, Charts, Globes;
   (f) Career information Books;
   (g) Digital dictionary.

           Mess and Canteen
There is a Cosy mess and canteen for the students and staff in the college campus which provides refreshments in a hygienic environment.

                                                                           Vehicle Stand
A limited space is provided for two wheelers in the parking shed where students can park their two wheelers at their own risk.

                                                          Students Union Body
There is provisions for both election or selection as per need for the formation of Students Union Body. The Union Head is either elected or selected on the basis of co-curricular activities.
            College Uniform
The following uniform has been prescribed by the college:
     (i) Boys - Pant (black), Shirt (light pink);
     (ii) Girls - Churidar (light pink), pant & orhna (black);
     (iii) Girls (Bodo) - Dokhna (orange), blouze & Faili (black)
Merit Award/Scholarship
The following scholarships are awarded by the State & Central Govt.
     (i) National Scholarship;
     (ii) State Scholarship;
     (iii) SC/ST Scholarship;
     (iv) OBC/MOBC Scholarship.
The college, every session, offers Merit Award to the highest marks scorer in Major Subject (The highest mark must be 50% and more).
     B.A. Part-I - 1000/-
     B.A. Part-II - 1000/-
     B.A. Part-III - 1200/-  
 College Week Festival and Inter-college Competition
We groom the dormant talents of our students in the field of games & sports, art, literature and culture for their all round development. The annual college week festival provides them the platform to display their talents. The best performers of the college week are selected for participation in the Youth Festival of Gauhati University, Inter-college competition are also organized to boost up an environment of healthy competition and educational exchange among the surrounding colleges.  

 Laboratory Facilities
The college has provided separate departmental laboratories for Geography (General) and Education (Major). Both laboratories are well equipped with modern instruments to boost up the practical knowledge in the subject concerned.




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