Examination Rules

 Eligibility to appear in the Unit Tests/ Test/Final Examination will be decided in terms of regularity in the attendance of students in their classes viz.-

       1. A student will not be allowed to sit in the examination if he/she remains present in less than 75% of the classes held.

       2. T.D.C. 1st year and Second year students will have to appear in two Unit Tests and results will be sent to 

          their guardians.

      3. As per University guidelines there will be an internal assessment of 10 marks for the regular candidates of B.A

          Part-I and Part -II.

      4. Punishment in the form of fine will be awarded to those students who will not appear in the Unit Test examination.

Students' Supportive Cells:

  Gyanpeeth Degree College Students' Union Body is the Executive body of the College students. Its membership is compulsory for every student of the College. The Union takes care of over all students' affair. Besides, the college has some Students Supportive Cells and programmes.

                (a) Students Grievance Redressal Cell

                (b) Remedial or tutorial Coaching Cell

2. Monitoring of Academic Progress:

                A. The Principal will meet the students of different classes on some convenient dates during academic sessions 

                     to discuss academic matters.

                B. Students will have to participate in the Seminar held departmentally once in a month.

College Rules and Regulations:

1.    The College lays great emphasis on discipline and character building of the students. They are always expected

       to maintain a high standard of discipline. They must abide by the rules and regulations of the college.

2.   A student if found guilty of misconduct/indiscipline may be expelled/rusticated for a period/fined/debarred from

      appearing in any examination for one or  more years.

3.   All forms of ragging in the college campus are strictly prohibited. Any individual or collective act or practice of

       ragging constitutes gross indiscipline.Strong disciplinary action will be taken against those involved in such activities.

4.   Any association or society of the college will be subject to such rules and regulations as the college administration

      may prescribe.

5.   Any notice desired to be pasted or circulated by the students anywhere in the college premises will need the

      prior approval of the college authority.

6.   All powers of maintenance of discipline are vested with the Head of the Institution and his/her decision shall be final

      in all such matters.     .



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